Stella Voules & Jo Billing

Human resources partner

As human resources partner to Comme Consulting, Jost & Co. bring expertise from the fields of psychology, human resources and change. They describe themselves as leaders in the gig economy and their gig is to add value with powerful ideas executed in nontraditional ways – resulting in client success.

Director & Co-CEO

A psychologist, public speaker, published thought leader and senior HR professional with extensive management, board and consulting experience, Stella is as adaptable as they come.

Strategic thinking, creativity and strong execution has seen her excel across industries in both the private and public sector, with a broad and multipronged skill set playing a leading role.

Expect a keen analytical eye, sound judgment, a down-to-earth perspective with a balanced world-view. Pragmatic and robust solutions are Stella’s specialty.

A passion for learning and a love for coaching others elegantly compliments her business acumen, because as she always says, life’s too short to not enjoy a good coffee with someone you can learn from.


Director & Co-CEO

A veteran and pioneer of organisational change as we know it today, Jo has worked in the change management industry for almost 20 years across a vast span of industries, countries and cultures.

With a genuine love and curiosity for understanding and motivating people, she has developed and delivered a multitude of methodologies and leadership development courses throughout her esteemed career.

Whether it be for management consultancies, multinationals or independent contracting, Jo has consistently established innovative ways to increase client engagement and unleash the true potential of their leaders.

Her nurturing and optimistic attitude fuels a genuine love and curiosity for people. That’s why our clients always feel so safe in her caring and capable hands.