Managing Director Amber Brodecky is passionate about equality, diversity and advocating women's rights. By teaming up with experts in human resources, change and psychology,  Comme Consulting provides advice and strategy to business leaders on methods to meet their equality targets, support women and families in the workforce, and enhance workplace dynamics.

Having experienced what it is like to work in full-time, senior management roles with young children at home, Amber brings hands-on understanding of the challenges faced by professional women, families, and the organisations wanting to support them.

As the official human resource partner to Comme Consulting, Jost & Co understand the workplace is changing and rapidly. Only the most adaptive, cutting-edge workforces will have the greatest impact, and in this connected and collaborative world, more will only be achieved together.

Focusing on redefining workplace dynamic through genuine support for equality, diversity and supporting women and families in the workforce, we advise and strategise with you to get your business to perform in today's modern landscape .