Courtney Carthy


A communications specialist with well-developed skills in media and major events, Courtney has worked as a producer, reporter & presenter with the ABC for nearly a decade.

In that time he's produced breaking news, entertainment, and emergency fire and flood coverage for ABC Local, on radio and online.

In 2016 he began in the newly created role of Development Producer working in the Digital Content and Strategy department of the ABC. The antonymous role focused on developing new podcast-first programs from the ground up, working intimately with those involved - musicians, designers, audio engineers, publicists, senior management, and executive producers, in aiding the publication of digital first content. 

Courtney's strong background and knowledge in social media afforded him the opportunity to advise the National Broadcasting Corporation of Papua New Guinea on their corporation wide social media strategy. Across all departments he worked closely with employees from senior management to regional reporters to build capacity and consistency among the varied departments and networks. 

His passion and experience with major events helped him grow Inflatable Regatta from a fun afternoon out with friends on the Yarra River to a recognisably highly successful and innovative event. Leading a core team of 6 organisers with 130+ volunteers on event day, Courtney is the person ultimately responsible for the event's success or failure. From 2016 to 2017 participant numbers for Inflatable Regatta grew over 300 percent from 550 to more than 1700.

Growth in numbers is largely due to Courtney’s successful publicity campaign, personalised participant communication, and consistency of branding, messaging and optics. Inflatable Regatta plans on expanding to other major cities in 2018.

Courtney's depth of communications experience has taken him from broadcasting potentially life-saving bushfire information, to completing a documentary on Melbourne's start-up scene for ABC Radio National, to making small talk with Cat Stevens, and everywhere in between.